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gynvael/osdev github
Gynvael's Livestream #11: OSDev #3
Gynvael's Livestream #12: OSDev #4

wiki EFER

wiki - Page table

Entering long mode - Philipp Oppermann

Setting Up Long Mode - wiki.osdev

C++ Calling conventions - Agner Fog
ELF Format https://raw.githubusercontent.com/corkami/pics/master/binary/ELF.png

C++ exceptions and the .eh_frame ELF section

The Complete Pentium Instruction Set Table (32 Bit Addressing Mode Only) by Sang Cho

NASM Tutorial- https://cs.lmu.edu/~ray/notes/nasmtutorial/

binary ninja

Windows Internals

Reverse Engineering for Beginners by Dennis Yurichev pdf

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